Avery Mountain Ranches

We offer high quality, exclusive private land hunts on an Oregon cattle ranch and leased ground to a limited
number of hunters. All hunts are spot and stalk, 100% wild, fair-chase hunts with no fences.
BLACK TAIL DEER - Excellent opportunity for a youth, first time hunter or the person seeking a blacktail buck for their trophy room.
ROOSEVELT ELK - We specialize in trophy elk hunts on an
exclusive area of more than 25,000 acres. The area has been
managed to develop herds with large bulls. Harvest of anything
smaller than typical four point animals is discouraged.
BLACK BEAR - Very large black bear population.
Fall hunting offers a great chance to harvest a bear.
TURKEY - Rio Grande turkeys exist in large numbers on the
property. Spring and fall hunts available.
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Exclusive Private Land Hunts
All photos shown on this website were taken on Avery
Mountain Ranches properties by your guide, Ron Hofsess.
These animals and many more are available for your
hunting experience. Herds have been managed for trophy
potential a minimum of ten years to prepare for this
adventure. Throughout the year we spend hundreds of
hours scouting the location of these and other game.